Cool Holdings (AWSM) Stock Finds Gains On Partnership News

Cool Holdings AWSM Stock News

While the immediate realization of revenue under this partnership agreement is great news, the publicity that it provides is even better. The truth of the matter is that gaming is becoming a full fledged sport.

I personally realized this about a year ago when my son had more fun watching a gaming competition than playing his own games. I won’t pretend to understand it, but it’s a wave that’s sweeping the country.

With so much interest in competition gaming, Simply Mac is going to get its brand in front of a very vast audience by sponsoring these gaming events. So, while the more than $3 million offered through orders under this partnership is great, the potential to generate even more revenue from gamers who are exposed to the brand is great.

The bottom line here is that when evolutionary curves balls take place in industry, those that catch on early tend to be the big winners in the long run. As competition video gaming continues to become a thing, AWSM is working to appeal to a vast new audience. That alone is great news.

It’s also worth mentioning that investors love to see companies do something with newly-acquired assets. The partnership shows that AWSM doesn’t plan on sitting on Simply Mac and depending on organic growth. Instead, the company is taking active steps to use this newly-acquired asset to increase shareholder value!

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