Cool Holdings (AWSM) Stock: 3 Reasons To Be Excited

Cool Holdings AWSM Stock News

Reason #2: AWSM Becomes The United States’ Largest Apple Partner

Before the acquisition, Simply Mac was the largest premier partner to Apple in the United States. As a result of today’s acquisition, Cool Holdings is now the largest partner to Apple in the region.

This is big news. After all, Apple provides products that are in very high demand. However, the sale of these products largely takes place through its partnerships.

With Apple products being in high demand, AWSM can expect to generate meaningful sales as the largest reseller in the United States. Not to mention, Simply Mac, being the largest sales partner, is a trusted brand and a go-to source for all things Apple. As such, the company has essentially acquired a business in a box and the value addition is nearly immediate.

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