Cocrystal Pharma (COCP) Stock Continues Up On Coronavirus Program

Cocrystal Pharma COCP Stock News

Cocrystal Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: COCP) is continuing its run for the top as the company works to fight the coronavirus. The stock is trading on gains of more than 30% this morning and there’s a good chance that we’re only seeing the beginning of the gains. Here’s what’s going on:

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COCP Stock Climbs As Coronavirus Treatment Advances

The coronavirus is no laughing matter. The virus has already hit more than 100,000 victims and killed nearly 4,000 around the world. Cocrystal Pharma is working to fight the pandemic with the potential creation of a treatment.

The announcement came with the company said that it had signed a license agreement with KSURF. The agreement surrounded the development of certain proprietary broad-spectrum antiviral compounds for humans to treat Norovirus and Coronavirus infections.

When the company announced that it would be working on a treatment, the stock flew. Then, on Friday of last week, the stock saw more tremendous gains after COCP announced that it had initiated its Coronavirus program.

With the announcement, Gary Wilcox, Chairman and CEO at COCP, had the following to offer:

Following our acquisition of patent rights and know-how from KSURF and our recently completed financing, we are aggressively pursuing the development of novel antiviral compounds for the treatment of Coronavirus infections using our established proprietary drug discovery platform. Given the global threat of COVID1-9, our primary goal is to advance our Coronavirus program into preclinical development. We will seek opportunities for collaborations as we advance our programs.

Why This News Is So Exciting

As mentioned above, the Wuhan coronavirus is a very big issue. With the continued spread around the world, biotech companies everywhere are working to develop vaccines. However, there are only a small handful of companies that are actually working on a treatment, and Cocrystal is ahead of most of this competition.

This is very important. I’ve said this several times in the past, vaccines are important. Of course they are. But they are not the end-all. We all know that there are vaccines available for the seasonal flu, but it still kills tens of thousands of people each year.

Considering this, a treatment is a necessity in the fight against COVID-19. With COCP being not only one of the few companies that are working to develop a treatment, but one of only two that I know of that actually have a program initiated, the competitive advantages here are massive.

At the end of the day, when we talk about COCP and its work in coronavirus, we’re talking about somthing that can become incredibly valuable, incredibly quickly!

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