China Recycling Energy (CREG) Stock: 3 Reasons It’s Up!

China Recycling Energy Corporation CREG Stock News

Reason #3: Global Warming

Global Warming

For some time now, global warming has been a conversation about the future. However, it is quickly becoming clear that the issue isn’t one that will only affect later generations, it is taking its toll on many consumers today.

At the moment, consumers in California are dealing with rolling blackouts. When winds are high and conditions are dry, power companies are cutting power to the lines. The move is an attempt to eliminate the risk of electricity fires as California continues to become dryer and dryer.

Many are blaming the issues on global warming and calling for clean energy solutions to be the center of attention. There’s a very valid argument here.

Due to global warming, California is becoming a matchbox. Dry conditions, high temperatures and wind to fuel fires are making it nearly impossible to avoid an inferno in the region.

California energy companies are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Moreover, consumers are dying as a result of the rolling blackouts, with oxygen dependent one man dying just 15 minutes after power was turned off.

As global warming continues to take center stage, companies focused on clean, renewable energy are getting a boost. Investors see opportunity in the companies that are working toward a solution. This is where CREG comes in.

Ultimately, the company is focused in the clean energy sector. Moreover, due to the trade war, the stock is trading at tremendous lows, making it easy to make the undervalued argument. As such, we’re seeing strong demand from investors, likely helping to send the price of the stock toward the top!

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