CHF Solutions (CHFS) Stock: Here’s Why It’s Flying

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CHF Solutions Inc (NASDAQ: CHFS) is rocketing in the market this morning, trading on gains of more than 50%. If you’re looking for press releases or SEC filings, don’t waste your time, there hasn’t been any. Nonetheless, there’s good reason for the gains. The company seems to be working on a way to tackle COVID-19. Here’s what’s happening:

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CHFS Stock Climbs As Coronavirus News Hits The Tape

While there has been no press releases or SEC filings, it seems as though CHF solutions is working on a way to tackle the coronavirus. It all starts with a product known as Aquadex.

Aquadex is the flagship product at CHFS. Essentially, the product is a console and a disposable filter set with a collection bag. Aquadex essentially filters the patient’s blood, removing excess plasma water to remove fluid overload conditions.

The product was first designed to target heart failure. Today, i shas been expanded to be used as a tool in cardiovascular surgery and in liver disease and sepsis. Nonetheless, it seems as though the company is working to use the tool to fight coronavirus.

In fact, on the company’s fourth quarter earnings call, Jeffrey Cohen of Ladenburg Thalmann asked if the company was aware of any COVID-19 patients that had been treated with Aquadex. While the company was not aware of any patients that had been treated in this way, it opened a door.

In fact, John ERB, CEO at CHFS recently said:

Interesting enough is just this week, we’ve had a couple of inquiries. So, we’re pursuing that at this time. We also are pursuing it internationally because we have some strong use of our product in Italy, where there’s certainly a large number of patients with coronavirus. So, it’s at hand, we’re looking into it, and I think there’ll be an opportunity for us to help.

This Is Where All Of The Excitement Is Coming From

The truth of the matter is that while there are a few companies that are working on a potential treatment for the coronavirus, there is only one other company, AIM ImmunoTech (NYSEAMERICAN: AIM) that actually has a product ready for testing.

As such, if Aquadex does prove to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19, CHF Solutions will quickly become a leader in the space. After all, we’re talking about a pandemic here. As the virus continues to spread, the value of viable treatments will only grow.

So, should CHFS break into the coronavirus space with Aquadex, the product is likely to be met with high demand, leading to a substantial increase in revenue in profitability. So, there’s good reason to be excited here.

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