What To Look For In Clinical Stage Biotechnology Stocks

Clinical Stage Biotechnology Stocks

When you think of the word innovation, the first thing that comes to mind is likely technology. After all, technological innovation has changed the lives of the average consumer for the better. Today, we have the world at our fingertips, cell phones that are more like computers, and blinds that can open themselves as a … Read more

Using PDUFA Dates To Generate Profits In The Stock Market


If you’re dabbling in the idea of investing in clinical-stage biotechnology companies, chances are that you’ve come across the acronym PDUFA once or twice. The acronym stands for Prescription Drug User Fee Act. The PDUFA was a law that was passed in the United States in 1992 that gave the United States Food and Drug … Read more

Trump Sends Markets Sliding

President Donald Trump. What can I say. He’s the most off-the-wall president that ever led the United States. Some will say that he’s made tremendous progress happen, others will argue to the teeth that he has done very little I tend to side with the latter. While I don’t generally discuss politics here, in my … Read more

Millennial Stock Market Tips: Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Millennial Stock Market Tips

Ahh, Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Great stuff if you ask me. Better than beer, not quite a mixed drink, just what I’m looking for at the end of a long day of work. What does that have to do with stock market tips? NOTHING! But, the concept of the label has everything to do … Read more

The Short Squeeze: What You Need To Know

Short Squeeze

If you trade in the market, or have even done a little research on trading, you’ve heard the term short squeeze. This is a technical move in the market that tends to lead to dramatic gains. However, chasing a short squeeze can be a dangerous move for new comers. Nonetheless, the prospect of monumental gains … Read more

5 Shocking Facts About The Stock Market

5 Shocking Stock market Facts

The stock market is the center of our economy here in the United States. Through the market, investors fuel their wealth and retirment accounts by purchasing small pieces of companies. The companies selling shares also benefit from the funding provided and more. Most people that I talk to know what the stock market is, and … Read more