Cassava Sciences (SAVA) Stock: Here’s Why Investors Are So Excited

Cassava Sciences SAVA Stock News

Cassava Sciences Inc (NASDAQ: SAVA) is making a run for the top this morning, but the move is baffling some investors. The last news issued by the company was 8 days ago. Since, there has been silence in press releases and SEC filings from the company. So, why are investors so excited?

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SAVA Announced Positive Data 8 Days Ago

In a press release just over a week ago, Cassava Sciences said that its Phase 2b study ended positively. The company’s sumifilam candidate significantly improved an entire panel of validated biomarkers of disease in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and led to a massive breakthrough. The drug is the first to have the ability to improve multiple biomarkers from distinct biological pathways with a single therapeutic option.

This is huge for SAVA, its investors, and the Alzheimer’s diseas community.

At the moment, there are several drugs approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. All of these treatments are cholinesterase inhibitors, a type of drug that leads the charge in the treatment of the disease.

However, these drugs aren’t very effective. While they may slow progression in some patients, they do not stop progression, and other points of efficacy have always been a question. Nonetheless, when there’s only one option, that’s the option patients choose.

SAVA takes a completely different approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. More importantly, that approach is proving to provide a multi-faceted positive effect in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Should the data continue to be so positive, sumifilam will likely become a blockbuster treatment option. Think about it, if you, a loved, or a patient of yours one had Alzheimer’s disease, would you choose the traditional treatment options that are currently available, or would you lean toward a new class of drug that is proving to be more effective in treating the condition?

The Opportunity Is A Massive One

Even after tremendous recent growth, Cassava Sciences stock trades with a market cap that’s below $250 million. At the same time, it is developing a treatment that has a strong probability of becoming the standard of care in Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

Experts suggest that the Alzheimer’s disease treatment market will grow to be worth more than $13 billion annually by the year 2023. Tapping into a small percentage of this market is massive, but SAVA has what may become the market leading treatment option, taking the lion’s share of this market.

All in all, SAVA stock represents an opportunity that should not be ignored.

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