Cassava Sciences (SAVA) Stock Climbs On Alzheimer’s Data

Cassava Sciences SAVA Stock News

First and foremost, Alzheimer’s disease is very difficult to treat. While there are treatment options on the market today, they tend to lack efficacy and there is no therapy that reverses the condition.

The positive data announced today shows that Cassava is well on its way to creating a strong treatment option. The fact that the drug reversed the shape of altered filamine A in lymphocytes is a strong indicator that SAVA is onto something meaningful here.

If all continues to go well, the company will soon move into pivotal trials. Should pivotal trials yield such positive results, the launch of this drug may be on the horizon.

This could be huge for SAVA. Currently, the stock trades with a market cap of just $42 million. Tapping into a market that is expected to generate $12 billion annually by the year 2022 would be an incredible opportunity for the company; especially if the treatment shows better signs of efficacyin this patient population.

All in all the continued positivity in clinical trials could lead to a massive revenue opportunity, or even a takeover!

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