Camber Energy (CEI) Stock: Why Investors Are So Excited

Camber Energy CEI Stock News

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Excitement Beyond Lineal Star

While the acquisition of Lineal Star, and the deal that CEI got here is exciting, it’s not the only reason to be excited about Camber Energy. At the end of the day, now is a great time to be in the oil and energy industry.

First and foremost, I’m not hoping for war, but the reality is that war tends to lead to profitable opportunities, and geopolitical conditions suggest that CEI may be one of these opportunities relatively soon.

Recently, China announced that it pulled out of its partnership with Iran to develop one of their largest oil basins. There is speculation that China pulled out of this investment as geopolitical tensions rise, suggesting that the investment would not be fruitful.

Moreover, Iranian proxy groups in Yemen, Iraq and Syria have been working to consolidate their holds around Saudi Arabia, the leader of the world’s oil cartel. As Saudi Arabia works to fight of the consolidating enemies around them, and Iran works to push its power in the oil space amid sanctions, there’s a strong chance that an all out war will take place.

If this is the case, it would be a war largely centered around oil, and the risk to supply would be huge. As such, should war break out, the value of oil will climb, ultimately leading to gains in CEI and others in its space.

Beyond the concept of war, oil is likely headed up anyway. At the moment, we’re heading into the winter months in the United States, which will lead to more demand for energy to run heaters in homes, offices, stores and other locations.

At the same time, supply of oil recently took a big hit when 5% of supply was pulled out of the market due to a recent strike on a Saudi Arabian facility.

All in all, no matter if a war takes place or not, oil is likely headed for the top, and CEI is in a perfect position to take advantage of the trend.

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