Camber Energy (CEI) Stock: Why Investors Are So Excited

Camber Energy CEI Stock News

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Retainage Balances To Bring More Than $1 Million In 12 Months

Another bit of data that I found to be interesting from the filing had to do with retainage balances. Tehse are balances not paid by customers as a result of retainage provisions in their respective contracts.

According to the filing, CEI expects that these retainage balances will be collected in full over the next 12 months. At the moment, there are two accounts with retainage balances that will likely be paid upon the completion the contracts and acceptance by the customer.

The balances on these accounts are $992,000 and $787,000. That brings the grand total of these retainage balances to $1.779 million. Of course, this will be a great injection of funding for the company ahead, making it yet another reason to be excited.

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