Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) Stock May Be Acquired By Pfizer (PFE)

Bristol-Myers Squibb BMY Stock News

Rumors are breaking surroundng Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (NYSE: BMY), and while they aren’t quite moving the market yet, should the rumors be true, the stock could see dramatic gains as soon as tomorrow.

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PFE May BE Getting Ready To Acquire BMY

According to rumors on message boards, Bristol-Myers Squib may be at the center of one of the biggest takeovers of the year relatively soon. According to the rumors, the company is currently in talks to be taken over by Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE).

The rumors don’t mention any price or premium that may be paid to take the company over. Nonetheless, they do suggest that PFE and BMY are in active talks, working to hammer out a deal. According to the rumors, the talks are in advanced stages and a deal may be announced as soon as tomorrow morning.

The rumors make sense too. Pfizer has been very outspoken about plans to turn the company around. Part of these plans has to do with accretive acquisitions of other companies in the pharmaceuticals space.

Of course, BMY isn’t going to come with a small price tag, but should a deal be signed, the price tag would likely be worth it. After all, the company has a long list of commercial-stage assets and products under development that fall right into Pfizer’s wheelhouse.

Considering the fact that Pfizer is actively working to improve value for investors and that BMY offers up quite a bit of value, there’s a chance that this rumor may be hitting the nail on the head.

Be Careful

While we feel that it is important to report on rumors, it’s also important that our readers understand that making moves based on rumors can be risky business. The truth of the matter is that takeover rumors are the most common form of manipulation in today’s market.

We have reached out to both BMY and PFE and we were unable to confirm that the companies are in talks as both refused to comment. Until these companies confirm that talks are happening, the rumors are just that, rumors, and should be treated as such!

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