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The biotechnology space is a booming one. Constant innovation to bring an end, or at least an option, for some of the most crippling ailments continues to drive investor interest. Of course, that’s because when breakthroughs are made, massively profitable opportunities are created. 

As with any other space, there are some companies that represent larger opportunities than others. In my view, the stocks below represent some of the largest opportunities in the space today. 

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Genprex (GNPX): Oncoprex Is Becoming A Very Compelling Asset

In general, I would advise against considering an investment in a one-trick pony. The only time that changes is when the trick is one that you can’t take your eyes off of. This is true with Genprex. 

The company’s claim to fame, and singular asset in its pipeline, is known as Oncoprex. This immunotherapy candidate is being assessed as a potential option in one of the largest indications in oncology, non small cell lung cancer, also known as NSCLC. 

While it is believed that the immunotherapy may have efficacy in other cancers, the evidence in this particular indication to date is incredible. Not to mention, with a market that is expected to be worth more than $10 billion annually by 2026, the NSCLC market represents a large market opportunity for a company with a market cap of around  $15 million. 

While the company’s own clinical data shows promise in NSCLC, a recent report suggests that TUSC2, the active agent in Oncoprex, may be effective in the treatment of triple negative breast cancer, yet another highly lucrative indication. 

Importantly, the report and trial that it surrounded was not headed up by Genprex. In fact, the study, published in Nature, was led by independent researchers.

Sure, Genprex is a one trick pony, but doing backflips while juggling fire is breathtaking. With Oncoprex showing strong potential in two high value indications, and recent, unwarranted downward pressure on the stock, Genprex is a highly undervalued opportunity.  

Aveo Pharmaceuticals (AVEO): Tivozanib Could Be Massive!

While Aveo Pharmaceuticals currently has four assets under development, the one showing the most promise is known as tivozanib, or by its trade name, FOTIVDA. The treatment is currently approved in Europe and other regions for adult patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC). However, the biggest opportunity for the drug is ahead of us. 

Recently, Aveo Pharmaceuticals announced the results from a Phase 3 clinical trial comparing FOTIVDA to sorafenib, a leading option, in 350 patients. In the study, the treatment showed to improve overall survival rates in advanced stage RCC patients with 3 to 4 prior lines of therapy. In fact, it was the first study to achieve a positive result in this patient population. 

As a result of the strong results in this pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial, the company is gearing up in an effort to submit a New Drug Application to the FDA. Should the drug receive approval, it will tap into a market that experts believe will grow to be worth more than $6 billion by the year 2022

With a long line of catalysts ahead, including results of discussions with the FDA, New Drug Application Submission, and other regulatory updates, AVEO is a stock that’s well worth keeping a close eye on at the moment. 

Guardion Health Sciences (GHSI): Recent News Makes It Hard To Ignore

Guardion Health Sciences has released a couple very big pieces of news as of late. In mid-July, the company announced the receipt of a new patent. However, more recently, the news has been even more positive. 

In mid-September, Guardion Health Sciences announced the launch of a new product. The company announced that it had completed the research and development of the CV-2000 standardized contrast sensitivity test. Considering that it already has relationships with a large number of practices across 60 countries, and that its CV-1000 has become the standard in the space, the demand for the CV-2000 product will likely be impressive. 

Shortly after the product launch announcement, Guardion Health Sciences said that it had acquired certain assets from NutriGuard Research, a nutriceuticals company that has been in existence for more than three decades. These assets are already generating revenue, and with the long list of customers that Guardion Health Sciences has, as well as plans to reach out directly to consumers, the opportunity for revenue growth here could also be impressive. 

With multiple big bits of news suggesting that Guardion Health Sciences will see a significant uptick in revenue, it’s hard not to pay attention to the stock. 

Advaxis (ADXS): Several Catalysts Ahead

Advaxis is working on multiple cancer therapies, and may have several positive catalysts ahead. In mid-September, the company provided an update, laying out a compelling argument that it is on the right track. 

With regard to ADXS-503, the company has completed enrollment in the first dosing level of Part A and intends on moving forward with enrollment in the second dosing level of Part A, as well as Part B enrollment. 

This means that we can expect to see completed enrollment catalysts as well as interim data and other progress associated with this Phase 1/2 study ahead.

ADXS-503 isn’t the only asset that will likely lead to catalysts ahead. Recently, the company has been showcasing ADXS-NEO and ADXS-PSA in investor presentations. With positive data coming from both assets, we can expect to see further developmental catalysts with the potential to make the stock move. 

So, this is yet another biotech play that’s well worth your attention. 

MannKind Corporation (MNKD): United Therapeutics May Be The Partner The company Needed

Finally, we have MannKind Corporation. The company’s claim to fame is Afrezza, an inhaled insulin, the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA. While Afrezza is impressive, the real opportunity here likely has to do with the company’s relationship with United Therapeutics. 

United Therapeutics recently announced that the FDA has accepted the company’s New Drug Application of Trevyent for review. While this has no direct relation to MannKind, the news is important for the company and its investors. 

That’s because United Therapeutics and MannKind are currently partnered with the goal of using technosphere technology, the same technology behind Afrezza, in an inhaled hypertension treatment with Trevyent being the active compound. 

If Trevyent is approved by the FDA, it would further validate the partnership’s work on providing an additional delivery option for patients. Of course, inhaled delivery will require continued clinical trials, and proof of efficacy without serious adverse events, the acceptance of the Trevyent New Drug Application is an important step in the development process here. 

Should the partnership lead to an approved, inhaled version of a hypertension drug, the market potential here could be incredible. Ultimately, in my view, this makes MannKind a stock that’s worth paying attention to. 

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Final Thoughts

As medical innovation continues, opportunities will continue to arise in the biotech space. In my view, the stocks listed above have serious potential to generate gains ahead. 

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