Biomerica (BMRA) Stock Continues Skyward: Here’s Why

Biomerica BMRA Stock News

Biomerica, Inc. (NASDAQ: BMRA) is up more than 80% this morning after climbing well over 300% yesterday. The gains started when the company announced that has begun shipping its first COVID-19 tests internationally.

However, OPKO Health (NASDAQ: OPK), Enzo Biochem (NYSE: ENZ) and Aytu Bioscience (NASDAQ: AYTU) have all made announcements surrounding the commercialization or licensing of coronavirus diagnostic tests. What makes BMRA so special? Here’s what:

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Why BMRA Stock Is Seeing Such Dramatic Gains

In the press release issued yesterday, Biomerica said that it would begin shipping its coronavirus test internationally. However, this isn’t just any coronavirus test.

Unlike the tests provided by OPK and ENZ, this particular test doesn’t require samples to be assessed in a lab. In fact, it’s a rapid, point of care test. This means that the test provides results in 10 minutes or less.

Also, due to the incredible portability of the test provided by BMRA, testing stations can be mobilized to air ports, doctors offices, storefronts, libraries and more. Essentially, anywhere there is a large population of consumers, there can be a testing station.

Considering the coronavirus pandemic and the concerns surrounding the spread of the virus, the ability to do this testing just about everywhere with a simple finger prick has the potential to slow the spread of the illness.

The benefits here go even further though. In the release, BMRA said that testing costs just $10. The incredibly low price of testing here will ensure access by the masses, further helping to dampen the spread of COVID-19.

It’s also important to think about where these tests are going. The company has not yet received approval from the FDA or EMA. Nonetheless, it is working to gain these approvals. However, shipments are going out internationally. This is important.

COVID-19 is an international crisis, and while it’s hitting the United States, it is not quite as prevalent through the nation as it is in other areas. Therefore, international demand is likely to be stronger than domestic demand. Considering that applications are being put together for the FDA and EMA, and that the product is already being shipped in other areas, we could see a significant boost in revenue here.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that Biomerica is onto something big. Not only does the company have a test, it has a rapid test. Moreover, that test isn’t just being put together or studied, it is actually being sent out internationally for use.

When it comes to diagnostic testing, speed is everything, especially in the face of a pandemic. With this test providing results in just 10 minutes, and coming with a price of just $10, demand is likely to be incredible. Ultimately, BMRA represents a potential opportunity that’s hard to ignore.

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1 thought on “Biomerica (BMRA) Stock Continues Skyward: Here’s Why”

  1. This stock is a total fake. This is less than 50 people company and they are not authorised by FDA, neither applied for a license. It will go down and quickly as it went up…….
    Just look at the website and you can judge it for yourself. It will be “pump it and dump it “as many other penny stocks in these crazy times. Stay away or cash out asap is my advice.

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