Aytu BioScience (AYTU) Stock: The #1 COVID-19 Diagnostic Play

Aytu Bioscience AYTU Stock News

Aytu BioScience Inc (NASDAQ: AYTU) is running for the top int he market this morning as the overall market dives deep into the red. The stock is trading on gains of about 27% as investors relize that the stock is likely the number 1 play in coronavirus diagnostics. Here’s what’s going on:

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AYTU Stock Rockets On Diagnostic News

Last week, Aytu BioScience announced that it licensed United States rights to commercialize a rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test from a Chinese company. This was a very big move.

This particular test returns results at point of care within 10 minutes. This is important because the only tests available in the United States need to be shipped to testing facilities and results take quite a while to be returned.

In the case of any medical epidemic or pandemic, like what we’re seeing with the Wuhan coronavirus, speed is key. The faster we can diagnose, the faster we can treat, the faster we can quaranteen and the less the virus spreads.

Being the only company in the United States that can provide rapid diagnostic testing at the point of care, rather than shipping tests off to a lab, AYTU has a key strategic advantage. In fact, it’s this rapid test that I believe makes it the number one play in the world of COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

The company isn’t dragging its feet with regard to commercialization either. Late last week, the company issued a press release to set up communication links for the commercialization of the tests.

In fact, AYTU said that it is working to streamline and effectively capture a number of inbound inquiries related to the rapid coronavirus test. As such, it has set up a dedicated email address for healthcare professionals, institutions, and others interested in testing equipment. These parties should email COVID-19@aytubio.com.

Nonetheless, the company’s press release made a few things clear. First and foremost, there is already strong demand for the test. Moreover, it tells us that revenue is likely to rise dramatically as these inquiries are answered and orders are fulfilled.

In a statement, Josh Disbrow, CEO at Aytu BioScience, had the following to offer:

Aytu BioScience is working to be as responsive as possible to the numerous inbound inquiries we’re receiving relating to the COVID-19 Rapid Test. With the high volume of inbound calls and emails the Company has received, we want to ensure effective communication and timely response to these calls and emails.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. Coronavirus isn’t going anywhere any time soon. As such, rapid diagnostic testing is incredibly important. The only company that can offer rapid test results at point of care is AYTU. Considering this, the company is likely to grow to become the leader in COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

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1 thought on “Aytu BioScience (AYTU) Stock: The #1 COVID-19 Diagnostic Play”

  1. Appreciating Brilliance

    If this Reuters article is correct, how is this not a monster buy?

    “The purpose is to achieve more rapid testing capacity in the United States,” said the official, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

    The new policy gives states the option to take responsibility for tests developed and used by laboratories in their states, similar to the action the FDA granted last week to the New York state Department of Health, the official said.

    “States can set up a system in which they take responsibility for authorizing such tests and laboratories won’t engage with the FDA,” the official said.

    “Basically it’s just giving power to the states to control this process. The FDA will not be involved in the process. The states will take over the approval process. This is getting rid of bureaucratic red tape that will allow for the approval to be much quicker than would normally take place,” the official said.

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