Amyris (AMRS) Stock Gains On Launch

Amyris AMRS Stock News

Reason #1: Consumer Feedback Is Overwhelmingly Positive

One of the big statements in the press release had to do with 96% of consumers who leave reviews are leaving four star reviews or better. This is a very important factor in today’s product commercialization.

Shopping today is far different than it was years ago. Today, consumers have access to products online, avoiding the need to go to brick and mortar locations.

Without the ability to pick up products, see, smell, and touch the tangible item, consumer reviews are more important today than ever before. Today’s retail space is driven by opinions of consumers that have already purchased the product.

Strong reviews online can be like having a billboard advertisement in Time Square. As more and more consumers weigh in with positive opinions, sales of Pipette will likely climb, generating strong revenues for AMRS.

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