Akers Biosciences (AKER) Stock Is Up On COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Akers Biosciences AKER Stock News

Akers Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: AKER) is making a dramatic run for the top in the market this morning, and for good reason. The stock is up more than 70% early on after the company announced that it is making progress in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s what’s going on:

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AKER Stock Is Flying On Coronavirus Vaccine News

In a press release issued early this morning, Akers Biosciences said that it has made progress in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. In the release, the company said that under collaboration with Premas Biotech, it has successfully completed the milestone of cloning all three coronavirus antigens.

These antigens include Spike (S), Envelope (E), and Memrande (M). The completion of this milestone is key as it gives the company what it needs in order to move forward with a coronavirus vaccine candidate.

In the release, AKER said that the clone development process has four key steps. These include:

  • the design and synthesis of the genese;
  • the selection of the right host;
  • the insertion of the gene into the host; and
  • the verification that the clone as the right gene and that all characteristics are correct.

In a statement, Prabuddha Kundu, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Premas Biotech, had the following to offer:

We are pleased with the successful completion of this phase in the development of our novel vaccine candidate. We believe that our ability to clone all three of these antigens will differentiate our vaccine candidate from others. Specifically, the surface of a virus is what the immune systems sees, and importantly has a multitude of proteins. We are providing the immune system with three shots on goal, instead of one, by including S, E, and M together. This is increasingly important due to the likelihood of protein mutation. If a protein mutates, a vaccine can be rendered non efficacious, a scenario often faced with seasonal flu variations. By including three at one time, the immune system can still recognize the other two antigens, which we believe will enhance its efficacy and assist us in making this vaccine candidate successful.

The above statement was followed up by Christopher Schreiber, Executive Chairman at AKER. Here’s what he had to offer:

We believe that we are one step closer to an effective vaccine candidate for the coronavirus pandemic. We have now completed our first important milestone by generating these clones. We also have initiated the second stage in protein expression, which we hope to provide an update on later this month. We are optimistic about the continued success of our partnership with Premas, one that is already starting to bear fruit.

This News Is Huge

All in all, the news released by Akers Biosciences is incredibly positive. At the end of the day, the race to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 is on. As you’ve likely read, there are several competitors in this race.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that while every biotech company seems to be working on a vaccine, few of them actually have anything of substance. AKER is one of these companies.

With the announcement made today, the company has jumped leaps and bounds ahead of most competitors on the field, making it one of the frontrunners in the race. As such, investors should pay close attention to AKER ahead.

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