AIM ImmunoTech (AIM) Stock Rockets: Here’s Why

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AIM ImmunoTech Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: AIM) is rocketing in the market this morning, trading on gains of more than 22% early on. However, with no press releases or SEC filings hitting the tape, many are wondering why the stock is climbing. As with most gains that we’ve seen in the market as of late, the movement seems to be tied to the Wuhan coronavirus, or COVID-19. Here’s what’s happening:

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Why AIM Stock Is Climbing

Recently AIM ImmunoTech announced that it would be assessing its flagship candidate, Ampligen, as a potential option to vaccinate against and treat COVID-19. This was big news!

In animal studies, Ampligen did overwhelmingly well, leading to cures in 100% of animals with SARS-coronavirus. While the Wuhan coronavirus is a different strain, the two are very similar. Considering this, there’s strong evidence that Ampligen can be used as a treatment for various strains of the coronavirus, including COVID-19.

With that said, AIM seems to be benefiting from news from Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INO) stating that it is acclerating its coronavirus timeline. When digging for a reason for the gains, I saw multiple posts in StockTwits from investors that say that AIM is far ahead of INO. For example, a user by the name of grubstaker, said the following:

$AIM stay strong bulls…aim is way ahead of ino in clinical trials. All we need is FDA to fast track for human trials. Congress had already approved 7.5 billion to combat COVID-19 where part of it is to fund drug therapy.

He couldn’t be more correct. While INO is planning on initiating human trials by April, AIM Immunotech is far ahead as far as data surrounding its Ampligen product. As such, if the company were to get a Fast Track designation and push the product into human trials, it would likely lead the charge.

Something Else Is Very Exciting Here

As everyone in biotech seems to be working to come up with a vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus, including AIM ImmunoTech, there are few companies that are actually working to provide a therapeutic option for those that have already become ill. This is a key issue.

Think about it, we already have a vaccine for the flu, yet tens of thousands of people die every year from the condition. There’s a strong chance that COVID-19 will become more of the same. So, no matter who comes up with a vaccine first, the big winner is going to be the company that comes up with a viable treatment.

This is where AIM comes in. The company is one of very few that are even working on a treatment. Moreover, it is the one that seems to be the furthest along. With positive animal data suggesting that Ampligen may have a great success rate in treating COVID-19, and other strains of the coronavirus, the company is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.

Should the FDA Fast Track human trials here, AIM could be sitting on a figurative goldmine!

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