Agile Therapeutics (AGRX) Stock Is Nothing Without Twirla

Agile Therapeutics AGRX Stock News

Outside of Twirla and Twirla-related combination treatments, the company only has one other treatment under development. The other product candidate is known as AG890. Unfortunately, if Twirla isn’t approved, this one isn’t likely to be approved either.

AG890 is another contraceptive patch, using the same method of delivery as Twirla. However, this patch only includes the use of levonorgestrel as a contraceptive agent.

Considering that it is a levonorgestrel-only contraceptive patch, it’s efficacy isn’t likely to match that of Twirla in my opinion. This puts AGRX in a bit of a bind.

If Twirla fails to make it through approval by the FDA, why would anyone think that a contraceptive patch that is less likely to be effective will be approved? Sure, side effects will likely be minimal, making it a great option for breast feeding mothers and smokers over 35, but if the option doesn’t have the needed efficacy, it will never make it to market.

So, AGRX is really in a tough spot. The FDA has already given strong ques that it’s not likely to approve Twirla. At the same time, the company has put all of its eggs into one basket, having little to fall back on.

Well, the basket is busting at the seams and the eggs are starting to break. Unless you want some of this egg on your face, this is likely a stock that you’ll want to avoid.

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