5 Shocking Facts About The Stock Market

5 Shocking Stock market Facts

Fact #4: Some Stock Market Terms Come From Gambling

If you’ve done any investing in your life, chances are that you’ve heard the term “Blue Chip.” The term is used to describe the stocks that are regarded to be the best on the stock market.

These stocks have high market caps and are generally in high demand by the investing community. They are also perceived to be the stocks that come with the least risk when investing in the stock market.

Interestingly, the nickname for these stocks actually came from a very risky business, gambling! A blue chip in poker is the $50 chip. Back when the term started to be used in the stock market, the $50 chip was generally the highest value chip that you would see on the poker table.

So, the stocks that are believed to come with the lowest risk coincidentally have been named after the poker chips that come with the highest risk.

Interestingly, poker and the stock market are so closely intertwined that highly-trusted outlets like “Business Indsider” have published posts outlining things that poker players know that all investors should!

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