5 Shocking Facts About The Stock Market

5 Shocking Stock market Facts

Fact #3: There’s More To Fear In October Than Halloween

October is an interesting month in the United States. On the last day of the month, children and adults alike dress up in scary costumes and either go door to door for sweet treats and scares or to parties and haunted houses.

Generally, October is a month when scary movies riddle televisions and the opportunity to get started is one that many actually enjoy. Even some of the world’s biggest theam parks run Horror Nights in an attempt to scare their guests. October is indeed an interesting month.

Nonetheless, Halloween-thrilled shockers aren’t the only points of fear in the month of October. The stock market just so happens to be scary in the month as well.

Believe it or not, some of the largest stock market crashes in history have taken place in the month of October. Most recently, the stock market crashed in October 2008, setting the stage for a years long battle to bring the economy back to the green.

Interestingly, in October of 2002, we saw yet another crash. This crash, fueled by terrorist attacks on September 11th led to pain for investors around the globe and caused major concerns in the economy of the United States.

In October of 1987, the stock market also took a serious dive. In fact, CNN even ran a special about the crash of October 1987, calling it “the worst day in Wall Street history.” The stock market took a substantial loss after geopolitical fears in the Persian Gulf and fears surrounding increasing interest rates rattled investors.

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