5 Free Tools For Beginner Investors

Free Investing Tools

Investing Tool #4: Investopedia’s Stock Market Game

Investopedia's Stock Market Game

Next up, we have the Stock Market Game by Investopedia. One of the factors that seems to hold many beginners back from making their first investment is fear. The idea that if they make the wrong move, they will lose, stops many from making any move at all.

However, with the Stock Market Game by Investopedia, you don’t have to risk your money to find out how your investing strategy will work out. Ultimately, the stock market simulator makes $100,000 in virtual cash available to you.

From there, you can test and refine your strategies before ever investing your first real dollar.

After using the Stock Market Game stock simulator, I have to say, it is incredibly intuitive. Ultimately if you generate returns in the simulator, you can expect that your strategy will work in a real life scenario.

At the end of the day, the ability to test and refine your strategy without risking your hard earned money is priceless when it comes to building confidence in the beginner investor.

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