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Investing Tool #3: MarketWatch Intraday Screener

MarketWatch Stock Screener

If you’re looking to screen stocks for any of a multitude of reasons, you don’t have to pull out your credit card for a quality stock screener. There’s a tool called the Intraday Screener at MarketWatch that will likely prove to have everything that you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the results are delayed by 15 minutes. However, the screener has proven to be a valuable tool for me.

When using the Intraday Screener from MarketWatch, there are several options to dial down a list of the types of stocks that you like that are doing the types of things that you’re looking for. The Intraday Screener allows you to screen the stock market by the following criteria:

  • Price – Define specific price points that you’re looking for or rates at which stocks are trending to find your gem.
  • Volume – You can also screen based on the amount of shares that have been traded and the size of blocks that are being traded.
  • Fundamental Data – If you’re looking for stocks with specific price to earnings ratios or market caps, the MarketWatch Intraday Screener will give you a list!
  • Technicals – You can also find stocks that are outperforming moving averages or benchmark indices.
  • Exchange & Industry – Finally, the results of the screen can be within specific industries and traded on specific exchanges.

With all of these options, the MarketWatch Intraday Screener makes it easy to find trending stocks in any particular industry, of any particular size, and more.

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