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Investing Tool #2: PDUFA Calendar by BioPharmCatalyst.com

PDUFA Calendar by BioPharmCatalyst.com

PDUFA dates are very important for biotechnology investors. If you’re not sure how to use them, click here to learn! In short, PDUFA dates are hard-line dates that the FDA has committed to providing decisions for biotechnology companies by. The dates are assigned when the FDA accepts an application for a new drug, medical devise, or biological agent.

In general, when new drugs, medical devices and biological agents are approved, the values of the stocks that represent the companies in charge of developing and commercializing these products will climb. In some cases, FDA approvals can lead to gains of more than 100%. In this case, those who buy before approval enjoy tremendous rewards.

On the other hand, when the FDA decides to reject a New Drug Application or Biologics License Application, the stocks that represent the companies that submitted the applications can see serious declines. So shorting ahead of likely rejections can yield gains as well.

This is where the PDUFA Calendar by BioPharmCatalyst.com comes in. The calendar offers a prety complete list of coming PDUFA dates and Advisory Committee meetings on the horizon. Not only does it tell you the date and the company, the tool provides information on the drug, device or biologic agent that is the center of the event.

By simply doing a bit of research on coming PUDFA dates and advisory committee meetings, you have the potential to generate serious returns, and the PDUFA Calendar at BioPharmCatalyst.com takes away the work of finding these dates.

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