5 Free Tools For Beginner Investors

Free Investing Tools

Investing Tool #1: Stocktwits

Stocktwits Heatmap

Stocktwits is by far my favorite free tool for investing and trading. The website is the largest social network that’s custom made for investors and traders. If you join, follow me here!

Aside from the conversations that you can have with some pretty successful traders and investors within the network, there are several other tools provided. My favorite of these tools is seen in the screenshot above, the Heatmap by Stocktwits.

This heatmap gives you tons of valuable information. When you load the page, you’ll see several boxes that are different shades of red and green, with few being grey. You’ll also notice that each box is a diffferent size.

The colors on the heatmap and the size of the boxes all mean something. The tickers in the bright red boxes have fallen by 3% or more. The tickers in the dark red boxes have fallen by somewhere between 0.1% and 2.9%. The grey tickers haven’t moved at all. Dark green ticker boxes have gained by between 0.1% and 2.9% and bright green ticker boxes have seen gains of more than 3%.

Finally, the larger the box is, the more active discussions have been over the period of time that you’ve chosen

At the top of the Heatmap, you’ll see options, including 1 HR, 6 HR, 12 HR and 24 HR. These options define the amount of time for which the data will be displayed.

Having the ability to look at a heatmap in the morning and get a good guage of what is moving the most and how active the investing community is with regard to that stock provides an incredible advantage when making decisions in the market.

Another tool that I enjoy quite a bit is the Stocktwits Daily Rip. Essentially, this is a daily email subscription, providing subscribers with information on some of the biggest moves of the day in a very entertaining way.

Stocktwits Earnings Calendar

Finally, Stocktwits offers an intuitive, yet easy to use earnings calendar. This gives you the ability to get prepared for opportunities surrounding earnings events. Once again, like everything I’ve found on Stocktwits, the service is completely FREE!

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